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Proposal IDProposal No.Project DescriptionState Project NumbersBid OpeningLast UpdatedView or Ask ?
17030018-0335Safety Improvements at Various Locations Along US 202 in the Town of Brookfield0018-033508/04/202107/28/2021
16980040-0144Bridge Replacement Bridge No. 06887; Route 151 over Shady Brook0040-014408/11/202107/22/2021
16930094-0256Rehabilitaiton of Gold Start Memorial Bridge No. 03819, I-95 over Thames River0094-025608/04/202107/01/2021
17040100-0180Replacemeny of Highway Signing on I-91, Route 40 and S.R. 7020100-018008/25/202107/30/2021
17010102-0295Median Reconstruction and Resurfacing of I-95 in the towns of Norwalk and Westport.0102-029508/18/202107/21/2021
17070173-0415Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 06750 Route 25 over Unnamed Brook in Trumbull0173-041508/25/202107/28/2021
17000173-0486Installation & Revision of Traffic Control Signals in Various towns of District 30173-0486, 0173-048708/04/202107/29/2021