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Proposal IDProposal No.Project DescriptionState Project NumbersBid OpeningLast UpdatedView or Ask ?
14160031-0131Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 01338 (West Cornwall Covered Bridge) Carrying Route 128 over Housatonic River0031-013108/30/201708/18/2017
14140034-0305INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENTS RT. 37 (PEMBROKE RD.) AT STACEY RD. AND BARNUM RD. IN DANBURY0034-0305,0034-034508/30/201708/17/2017
14150173-0463Beam End Repair and Bearing Replacement in District 30173-046308/23/201708/16/2017
14120174-0391Installation and Revisions of Traffic Control Signals in District 40174-0391,0174-039208/23/201708/21/2017