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Proposal IDProposal No.Project DescriptionState Project NumbersBid OpeningLast UpdatedView or Ask ?
16650032-0149Replacement of Bridge No. 06851 Route 44 over Olson's Brook0032-014912/23/202011/25/2020
16620076-0223REHABILITATION OF BR. NOs 06884 & 06885 I-384 EB/WB OVER PORTER BROOK0076-022312/09/202011/20/2020
16560083-0263Replacement of Bridge No. 06755, Route 162 over Turtle Creek0083-026312/02/202011/25/2020
16480102-0368Route 15 Safety Improvements, Resurfacing, Enhancements, and Bridge Improvements0102-036812/02/202011/24/2020
16570126-0174Derby-Shelton Bridge (No. 01659) Pedestrian and Bicyclist Access Improvements0126-017412/02/202011/25/2020
16670135-0336Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 03682 SR 790 (South State Street) over Rippowam River0135-033612/16/202011/19/2020
16610140-0175REPLACEMENT OF RETAINING WALL ALONG SR 8070140-017512/09/202011/25/2020
16460151-0333Rehab of Br. Nos. 03176 & 03177 Rte. 8 over Naugatuck River, and Br. Nos. 03178 & 03179 Rte. 8 over Metro North Railroad0151-0333,0151-033412/02/202011/24/2020
16640162-0156Torrington & Winchester Facilities Tank Replacement0162-015612/09/202011/27/2020
16770171-0433-R1INSTALLATION & REVISION OF TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGNALS IN DISTRICT 10171-0433,0171-043412/16/202011/25/2020
16660171-0445The Rehabilitation of the Salt Sheds in the Towns of East Hartford, Rocky Hill, Southington, Windsor0171-044512/09/202011/19/2020