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Proposal IDProposal No.Project DescriptionState Project NumbersBid OpeningLast UpdatedView or Ask ?
14370061-0151Traffic Signal Improvements Whitney and Dixwell Avenues0061-015110/18/201710/13/2017
14310063-0705Rehabilitation of Bridge Nos. 03367 and 03368 I-84 Over New Park Ave, Amtrak, CTfastrak & SR5040063-070511/15/201710/18/2017
14060084-0099-R1Route 25 (Main St.) Replacement of Bridge No. 02219 & 022200084-0099,0084-010011/15/201710/18/2017
14220098-0101Replacement of Bridge No. 01127 Foxon River (Route 80) over Farm River0098-010110/25/201710/18/2017
14360102-0356Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 00722 on West Rocks Road over Route 150102-035611/01/201710/18/2017
14290103-0269Retaining Wall Failure Remediation on Route 120103-026910/25/201710/18/2017
14350118-0169Replacement of Bridge 03163 & 03164 Route 160 Over I-910118-016910/25/201710/18/2017
14390135-0329Replacement of Bridge No. 02600 Route 104 over East Branch of the Mianus River0135-032911/22/201710/18/2017
14330172-0435INSTALLATIONS AND REVISIONS OF TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGNALS DISTRICT 1 & 20172-0435,0172-043610/25/201710/18/2017
14340174-0402Beam End Repair And Bearing Replacement In District 40174-040211/01/201709/27/2017
14500300-0186-R1MOW Roof Replacements (East Bridgeport and Springdale)0300-018611/15/201710/18/2017