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Proposal IDProposal No.Project DescriptionState Project NumbersBid OpeningLast UpdatedView or Ask ?
14590092-0672Capacity & Operational Improvements on Route 69 in the Vicinity of Route 150092-067202/07/201801/03/2018
14640096-0192The Relocation of Edmond Road and Improvements to U.S. Route 60096-019202/14/201801/17/2018
14550133-0097Superstructure Replacement Of Bridge No. 01291 Carrying Route 97 Over Beaver Brook0133-009702/07/201801/17/2018
14560138-0249Moses Wheeler Bridge Breakout Project0138-024901/24/201801/18/2018
14490151-0326REHABILITATION OF BRIDGE 03191A - INTERSTATE 84 EASTBOUND, BRIDGE 03191B - INTERSTATE 84 WESTBOUND AND BRIDGES 03190A, B, C, D, E, F & 03191D, E - ROUTE 80151-0312,0151-0313,0151-032602/07/201801/18/2018