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Proposal IDProposal No.Project DescriptionState Project NumbersBid OpeningLast UpdatedView or Ask ?
15080014-0185REHABILITATION OF BRIDGE NO. 00196 INTERSTATE 95 OVER U.S. ROUTE 10014-018511/14/201810/17/2018
15100018-0134REHABILITATION OF BRIDGE 01343 ROUTE 133 OVER HOUSATONIC RIVER0018-013410/24/201810/12/2018
15090056-0309REHABILITATION OF BRIDGE 006960056-030910/31/201810/18/2018
15050063-0703Relocation of I-91 NB Interchange 29 and Widening of I-91 NB and Route 5/15 NB to I-84 EB & Resurfacing and Safety Improvements on I-910063-0703,0159-019110/31/201810/19/2018
14990082-0319SIDEWALK BUMP - OUTS ON MAIN STREET0082-031910/24/201810/18/2018
15060092-0675Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 03094 I-91 Over Amtrak Railroad0092-067510/24/201809/26/2018
14920096-0200I-84 RESURFACING, BRIDGE REHABILITATION, AND SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS0096-020011/07/201810/09/2018
15150116-0125-R1Realignment of the Long Ridge Road Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing0116-012511/14/201810/17/2018
15070152-0158Replacement of CIP deck on Bridge 00255 with precast deck panels. Rehabilitate substructure and superstructure.0152-015811/07/201810/19/2018
15170173-0482-R1Branford Maintenance Facility and District 3 Headquarters Tank Replacement0173-048211/14/201810/17/2018
15110174-0422Pedestrian Signing and Pavement Markings on Local Roads - District 40174-042210/24/201810/11/2018
15120301-0175REPLACEMENT OF CULVERT AT MP 65.60 NEW HAVEN MAINLINE OVER UNNAMED STREAM0301-017511/14/201810/17/2018